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Why My Traffic Performs BETTER Than Others.

NOT All Solo Ads were created equal. I built my list using methods and techniques that 99% of the industry do not. That’s why my results are different from 99% of the rest of the marketplace.

It can be frustrating not getting results in your business with solo ads and that’s because a lot of the traffic and the subscribers are on multiple lists, get mailed about 20 times a day and have been scammed multiple times.

My traffic is an EXCEPTION to this rule because I put 2 years of strategic planning and execution into building it in various ways and ensuring the relationship I have with my list is a unique one.

James Wood

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  1. 100% T1 countries
  2. This list is INSANELY responsive and has PROVEN buyers
  3. Complete Funnel Review
  4. Funnel Optimization Strategy

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We strive to provide you the best quality traffic for your offer. We only provide you Tier 1 Traffic from our trusted sources giving you the best opportunities for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before ordering, please read all FAQ!

What is Tier 1 Traffic?

Tier 1 Traffic Consists Of People Who Are From The USA, UK, Canada, Australia And New Zealand. These Countries Are Said To Have The Most Buying Power.

Do You Guarantee Conversions And Sales?

Absolutely Not. My Job Is To Deliver Targeted Traffic To Your Offer. It Is Up To You To Build A Relationship With Your New Leads. You Want Them To Get To Know, Like And Trust You. Through Email Followup So They Will Want To Join And Buy From You. However, I Do Guarantee That You Will Receive The Amount Of Clicks That You Paid For.


Make Money Online and Crypto Niches Are The Majority Of The Type of Interested Visitors We Provide With Our Solo Ads.

Approximately How Soon After I Pay Will Traffic Start Following?

Within 24-48 hours (usually sooner)
You will be notified by email or Facebook Messenger


Yes, I GUARANTEE You Will Receive The Amount Of Clicks You Have Purchased and Most Times Will Exceed The Number of Clicks In Your Purchase. 

Are There Refunds?

Once Clicks have started there are NO REFUNDS!

How Can I Contact You?

Message me on Facebook Messenger or email [email protected]